Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travel Report: Cayman Islands

Can you imagine snorkeling in crystal clear water with stingrays all around you, laying on soft white sand and baking in the sun, or enjoying a delicious meal cooked at an authentic Cayman restaurant? The Cayman Islands can offer all of this and much more. These three islands are a wonderful place for a fun and relaxing vacation or to get a break from a cold Nebraska winter.
The beautiful Cayman Islands are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.  They are located in the Caribbean Sea close to Jamaica. It all consists of three islands; Grand Cayman (the biggest island), Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. There are around 58,435 people living in the Caymans as of 2013 and the population is growing. George Town is the biggest city and also the capitol located on Grand Cayman. An advantage to living in the Cayman Islands would be the low taxes, which are extremely lower than they are in America.
There are so many activities and attractions in the Cayman Islands you wouldn’t be able to get to all of them even if you stayed a whole year! The top-rated attraction out of all the islands is Stingray City. It is located in the North Sound on Grand Cayman. You get to swim or even snorkel on the shallow sandbar where the Atlantic Southern stingrays swim up ready for you to interact with and feed them.
This is defiantly not the only activity on the islands. There is a little something for everyone here. If you would prefer to stay dry a glass bottom boat ride in the glistening sea watching beautiful fish and other creatures swim beneath you, or visiting the Cayman Turtle Farms to experience everything from sharks to butterflies might be the best choice. If you have been looking forward to getting a nice tan on a beautiful beach or swimming in the sea, check out the Seven Mile Beach (one of the best beaches) or dive and snorkel to witness gorgeous underwater creatures. There are so many other attractions like The Blow Holes and Bodden Town Pirate Cave.
You can never leave a vacation without trying new foods. Some of the foods in the Caymans are similar to what we have in America and others are a little different and strange. A few of the most common foods are cassava (a root known as tapioca in America), Johny cake (corn-meal flat bread), breadfruit (taste a little like a potato), plantain (a mini banana that is cooked before eaten), and meat pie (a normal pie with meat and vegetables for filling). Though a lot of food is grown there, lots of it is imported because of low agriculture production. Seafood is often eaten and seen at restaurants, but beef is a “luxury” and usually eaten at special occasions. There are many amazing restaurants scattered around the island a few of them are Bombay Chopsticks located on the East end and its said to be the #1 restaurant in the Cayman Islands, and Bread and Chocolate located in George Town and said to be #3 in the Caymans.

The Caymans are an incredible vacation spot for everyone in the family. You will experience once in a lifetime adventures you will never forget. Whether you come for the attractions or just the food you won’t be let down. The Cayman Islands will make memories that will last a lifetime!

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