Monday, February 23, 2015

Why I want to go to College

As a little girl being with animals was all I ever wanted to do. You could always find me tinkering with the plastic doctor’s equipment I had and doing emergency procedures on my sick stuffed animals. It made me so happy when I could finally “cure” their deadly diseases. I was my stuffed animal’s hero. It never failed to amaze me when my mom swooped in on a sick animal and relieved their pain. It was astonishing to my little mind and ever since I saw the animals and how happy my mom could make them I knew it was my dream to be just like her.
If the rest of my Jr. high and high school go as planned I know exactly what I want to do with the rest of my future. Going to UNL has been something I really wanted to do for a long time, so I plan on attending the University of Nebraska for 4 years. After that I hope to go to Kansas State for another 4 years. Then get a job as a veterinarian, have a lovely family, and live happily ever after. Most people would say something like, “good luck with that!”, but I believe if I make the right choices through the rest of my life I can make it happen.
College is going to get me ready for pursuing my dreams and teaching me how to be mature and deal with problems I am going to run into along the course of my life. It won’t only give me the education I need to be veterinarian, but also further my education all around. Going to college is definitely going to help your reputation when you become an adult. If you are applying for a job, no matter what the profession, the person with the college degree is always going to be thought more highly of and have a better chance of being considered for the job. Over all college is going to increase your wage earning abilities, discipline you to be a better person, and just generally broaden your horizons.
I think everyone has an inspiration in their life and whether it’s your big brother or a celebrity they are going to be there for motivation to do your best. I want to go to college because I want to be an inspiration to my family, my friends, and everyone who ever meets me. I realize some people are not lucky enough in today’s society to have great parents to look up to like me, but I hope that if I do the right things and go to college I can show people who don’t have a supportive family that even for them anything is possible. College is going to shape me into the person I am going to be the rest of my life and I want to have a positive impression on the world even if its just in my town or community. So I believe if I go to college it may do more for me than I really know at this point in my life and hopefully, also for the people around me.

There are so many people that think they are going to go to college but then they make a bad choice that keeps them from it. I hope that if younger kids see more people like me being successful and pursuing their dreams it will motivate them to do the same. So that’s my goal and the reason I want to go to college, to motivate and be an inspiration.

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