Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acrostic Poem

Competitive sport
Running your heart out
Out of your comfort zone
Screaming coaches
See how hard you can go
Can you do it?
Of course you can!
Uplifting and bravery
Never letting up
Trying harder every day
Running on the weekends
You have to believe in yourself!

Name Poem

It means energetic, athletic, kind
It is the number 14
It is like bright, exciting, warm, and happy
It is jumping in the pond day after day in the summer
It is the memory of my mom
Who taught me to be strong and push to be my best
When she wrote motivative quotes on my marker board
My name is Taya
It means be strong, believe, and never settle for less

Monday, November 24, 2014


Nothing is real if you don’t believe in who you are.
              -Rocky Balboa

Believing is what it takes to be successful. For example if you go into a basketball game and say you are going to lose and that there is no way you will beat them, then that’s what is going to happen. If you believe in yourself and your team you are going to go far and be very successful. When Tashi and his friends believed in themselves that they could climb Everest they went far. They didn’t get to the summit, but they defiantly proved their point that blind people are just as capable as sighted people. When I do sports I always tell myself to believe because I have put in the work and if I don’t believe its not worth my effort.

Photo Credit: Mr. Morrow

Friday, November 14, 2014

Freedom Essay

What does freedom mean to you? To some people it means that you just get to do what you want, when you want. But is that really the true message? Freedom means so much to me and I am happy we have freedoms like religion, and a flag to keep us proud and thankful.
       If you look up the word “freedom” you will find something like, “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants to without hindrance or restraint.” A simpler way to say that would be that if you want to do something that is legal and is reasonable you can do it. Also it means we get to use the technology that most countries don’t have so that we can excel in our education. So whenever I hear the word freedom I think of all the people who have sacrificed everything they have ever had to protect everyone in the country they love. Now that’s what I call bravery and it’s what gives us the freedoms we have today.
       A significant freedom we have is religion. There are many religions and beliefs in America, because we have this freedom, we take it for granted. Other countries are forced to believe in a certain god or idol. Here we believe what we want and no matter what you chose to believe you are respected. In some other countries if you don’t believe in a certain god or idol you are punished horribly or even put to death. I cannot imagine what it would be like living in a place with out this freedom, because it’s a part of our everyday lives. And like I said, we take it for granted because we have never known any other way.
       When I think of the American flag I think of the sacrifices of the Americans that are still alive today and also the ones that have died fighting for what they loved. The flag makes us think about our freedom and why we are thankful for it. The stripes on the flag represent the 13 colonies that America started with. The red stripes on our flag stand for the blood shed from the many soldiers that have sacrificed everything. The white stripes portray innocence and valor. The blue stands for the color of the chief. Finally, the stars show the 50 states of our country.

       Now you know why freedom means so much to me and our country, why I’m delighted to have the freedom of religion, and what the flag means. So, maybe now you have changed your thoughts about what freedom really means to you.