Monday, September 29, 2014

My Personal Brand Video

Three things I learned from doing this project are:

     1. How to use the new version of iMovie

     2. How to do voice over in iMovie

     3. How to make a story board

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

     International Dot Day is a great time for everyone to remember they are special in their own way. It also might change some people's minds of what they think of their own art work. When I think of Dot Day I think of the time when I was in 1st grade and I won the coloring contest. Drawing was always fun, but I didn't think I was very good at it. I had never thought that I was very creative, but I was proved wrong. On the day they announced I had won everyone told me good job and said I was a good artist. From that day on I had always looked at my art work in a different way and thought that maybe I wasn't such a bad artist.

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable Day

All teachers have different ways of disciplining kids, but when did card-pulling become a thing? On the first day of third grade I knew my teacher was strict, and even though I didn't know it yet, her discipline policy was even stricter.
When I first saw my third grade teacher through my little 9 year-old eyes I knew she wasn't going to be like my other teachers, but when she introduced us to card-pulling it frightened me even more. Though I was a very good student I didn't like the idea of staying 5 whole minutes after school. My teacher said that when we didn't get work done, talked out of turn, didn't listen, etc., you would get your card pulled. Which meant you had to walk to the front of the whole class and put your tan card behind your green, pink, and red cards. If your green card showed you had to stay after school for 5 appalling minutes, pink was 15, and red was a detention. Staying after school wasn't even the worst part. If you got your card pulled you couldn't get a prize at the end of the week! And to my 9 year-old mind, not getting a prize at the end of the week was just not an option.
For the first month or so everything was fine. I got all my work done and never got in trouble. But one Friday after an extremely long and hard week of learning times tables, we were in math class when it all changed. Friday always seems like it goes on forever because the week is finally over and a fun weekend is about to start. And that day I was very exhilarated, anxious, and a little hyper because after school we were going to my grandma’s house and I couldn't wait for school to be out. So while we were working on our lesson for the day, I was getting up to go get a drink and suddenly my pencil got stuck on Mathew’s shirt. So we both kind of laughed and giggled. It didn't help that the teacher was a bit crabby that day because if she wasn't she might have let it slide, but she just simply told us to go pull our cards. At that moment my heart dropped. And I calmly got up and pulled my card. It was definitely not the way I wanted to end my week.
After school was over and I stayed my extra 5 minutes, I kept trying to think of the best way to tell my mom that I had got my card pulled. I also kept thinking why my teacher did that and why hadn't she just simply told us to be quiet. The two extensive hours to grandma’s I didn't say anything about it until the last 5 minutes. I finally got the nerve to say what had happened at school that day. My mom and dad weren't very mad but they told me that they didn't want it to happen again. 
Now that I look back on third grade and that day I don't know why I thought getting your card pulled was so awful or why it was so different from other discipline policies. Or why I was so nervous to tell my mom what had happened, but I did learn something from it. It is that no matter what teachers do there is always a reasons for why they do it, so you just need to deal with it.