Friday, August 29, 2014

My Bedroom

     Here is my room. Showing my personality and telling stories of who I am. The first thing everyone sees when you take the first glances at my room is my bed. Even though my room isn't always clean, I try to keep my bed made because it makes feel like my room is cleaner than it really is. My bed holds many many pillows and lots of colors. It’s also what makes my day complete when I lay down at night. My walls are blue and pink. One wall has pink feather dusted over a dark sky blue color. Posters, pictures, and a marker board also dot my walls. I have four windows in my room so I can look out at the pasture, barns, and my 3 bucket calves when they are grazing in the hazy morning. Right by my window is my dresser that not only holds clothes but my pet, a tarantula. My dresser, made by my aunt, is white with small colorful designs that cover the front.
My room has 3 doors, a bathroom door, the entrance door, and finally my closet door. I have lots of clothes in my closet, but most the time it looks like I have more than I really do because I put off putting them away. The shelf in my closet displays my shoes, sweat-shirts, shorts, hats, and boxes of ribbons from sheep shows, gymnastics, and other sports. Outside my closet is a desk that is glass with black, metal edging. I almost always do my home work on it because it is lit by my desk light. I have many notebooks on the side compartment for writing and drawing. I also have many pens, pencils, and markers for doing homework and writing on my marker board. The last thing in my bedroom is a small, brown, cluttered shelf. This shelf holds my many ribbons, trophies, and medals. Its always fun and rewarding when I get to add something new to it whether its a trophy or just a ribbon. I am rich beyond measure.